Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. When I was born, my parents had two birds.
  2. My dad's yellow nape, Lefty...
    My dad acquired Lefty in the '70s from an ex-friend, who bought a parrot, decided he didn't like birds, and called my dad up one day and said "hey, if you want this damn bird, he's in a box in the alley behind my apartment." My dad said "fuck you," and went and retrieved his new best friend. He took him to a specialist who found lead in his system, and said he may not live very long. Here's an off-center pic of my dad and Lefty in the '80s.
  3. And a rose breasted cockatoo named Rosie.
    My mom acquired a quite-young Rosie while I was a fetus, from an elderly acquaintance who passed away. Her family did not want a bird, and shoved it off on someone who already had one.
  4. Lefty hated everyone but my dad, obviously.
    Lefty used to terrorize me, laughing maniacally while he waddled around the living room after me. He had a handful of phrases and sound effects, and he whistled Dixie.
  5. We've had dogs and cats, a turtle and a budgie over the years, but if you really want a pet commitment, get a parrot.
  6. Lefty died five years ago, at the relatively young age of 40-ish.
    It is likely that his early lead poisoning shortened his life.
  7. Rosie lives with me.
    She speaks a handful of words, and, if you're lucky, she'll give you a kiss. Three years ago, she learned how to use the swing. Here she is, judging me.