1. My package arrived, and the envelope was a wreck.
    I was shocked, because I used a tyvek envelope, and this is the material scientists trust for protection! Anyway, I ripped open the envelope in my excitement and threw it away before documenting the carnage.
  2. Sarum: the Novel of England by Edward Rutherfurd 1987
    I've never heard of this. Is this a true story? I can't tell from the cover. I mean, it says it's a novel, so I suppose it's fiction.
  3. What it feels like to have a stranger pick out a book for me?
    @ChrisK isn't following me, and I seriously doubt he went through my lists to determine my interests. It feels a little alien. I feel like I've been set up on a blind date by an acquaintance I barely know. I would have never picked this book for myself, as history novels are not my thing, but I am open to this experience. Maybe this is the beginning of a new interest?
  4. There are maps and a family tree after the foreword.
  5. The the table of contents suggest that the book is divided into two major timeframes, each further divided into periods.
    I have chosen to review each period.
  6. Journey to Sarum
    This whole thing starts with the end of the last ice age, and a Paleolithic man who drags his wife and two kids south to be warm (ok, definitely fiction). I don't know how to pronounce Hwll, and have been calling this man "Hell." He witnessed the creation of the straits of Dover, his wife was raped, he made the first art? He was the first to settle in Sarum
  7. the Barrows
    A warrior comes from across the sea, bringing agriculture. When he dies, the first barrow is built in his honor. This chapter was pretty boring, tbh.
  8. the Henge
    This one was kind of interesting. Here, in a slightly more advanced civilization, an impotent chief pleads with his priests to help him get an heir. Stonehenge is built to appease the sun god. Adultery, murder, ritualistic sacrifice abound! Bonus, a pic of me at Stonehenge when I was 17, and miserably cold.
  9. Sorviodunum
    Roman politics 💤💤
  10. Twilight
    All that happened here was that a young Christian-raised man became a pagan, and then again a Christian.
  11. The Two Rivers
    After the last chapter, I wasn't motivated to read for three days. But I promised, so I read, and I did like this chapter. It's hit or miss for me with this book so far, I'm so sorry. Vikings attack, and we learn about it through the POV of a farmer, his nun sister, and some monks.
  12. And then I haven't touched this book for like two full weeks.
    I'm sorry, I know this wasn't the deal. I just can't get interested in this book at all. I considered listening to the audiobook during my commute, just to be able to complete it, but the concern about falling asleep at the wheel is real.
  13. I don't even know if the book-o-ganza is still a thing?
    Should I bother asking if anyone wants to read this? I didn't make it sound very appealing. I mean, @ChrisK hasn't even been around. I should just send it back to him, right?
  14. I failed, I'm sorry.