Mostly I studied and worked, but a few things summed up 2015
  1. Here I'm crossing the finish line of the Gate River Run.
    This was our first 15k. My goal was 2 hours, and I did it in 1:57:59. My goal this year is 1:40.
  2. In the last mile of the Gate, on top of the Hart Bridge. Feeling mighty.
    I've driven over it a hundred times, but crossing it on foot was something I never thought I would do.
  3. Me and Jason, captured at Chris' going away party, the day before Chris left for Michigan.
    About a week into the new year, our best friend moved into our guest room because he was getting divorced. He lived at our house for six months. We didn't want him to leave, but knew that he needed to move on. Later that night, the three of us cried together. We miss him.
  4. A poorly lit snap of me with Cory Branan
    This guy has a way with making songs that I am just in awe of. He's amazing. We were at the bar, and he walked up next to us and looked at the beer selection. Jason told me to say hi, I couldn't. Jason turned, and said "hey Cory, my girl is afraid to bother you, but she's a big fan." That is why I look so embarrassed.
  5. My dad, tending to his sweet potato vines.
    My dad got into gardening this year, and he excels at it. This is the only visit with my own family that I have managed to have this year.
  6. This pineapple
    I planted the crown of a pineapple three years ago while Jason and I lived in an apartment. It fruited this year, and it was stunted, but it was the juiciest, sweetest thing I have ever tasted.
  7. Coke included the name Randi in their "share a Coke" series this year.
    My whole life I have looked in vain for something with my name that didn't have to be custom-made. I saw this in my local Publix and started crying. The cashier thought I was nuts. Her name was Jennifer, and I will never forget that because she will never understand.