I know zero of these people, but have seen them in multiple seminars throughout my internship.
  1. At least three girls who like to use the phrase "Just to piggyback off of that...." when they comment on something at a seminar.
  2. Fellow Packers fan.
    He and I really hit it off for three seconds one time when I said "Go Pack."
  3. The girl who turned down a job offer at her internship placement because she already got hired at another school 🙄
  4. Five girls who stand in front of the coffee just chit-chatting when I'm clearly standing there waiting.
  5. Guy who grades student papers in seminars.
  6. That one girl from my Diversity class who thought that $100 was a reasonable monthly clothing budget for a single mother earning minimum wage.
    This came out as part of a class discussion.
  7. The girl who always wears a scarf.
  8. That girl from the bus who used her best teacher voice to complain about how hot it was on the bus.
  9. Art teacher.
  10. The girl who's parents were both military, and made me cry because she said how wonderful these resources would have been when she was in elementary school, so the lady gave her a teddy bear, and it was so fucking sweet.
  11. Dude who I can only describe as looking like a werewolf.
  12. Twenty white girls who I can't tell apart from one another.
  13. Me.
    Three weeks.