Just ignore this guys, really this is dumb and I just wanted a reference so I don't accidentally get the wrong penny one time like I almost did last week at the Milwaukee Zoo.
  1. River street Savannah
  2. Ten Commandments?
  3. MM racing team NYC
  4. I <3 NY
  5. Panda Chinatown San Francisco
  6. Literally a hunk of sourdough bread San Francisco
  7. Dinosaur Milwaukee county zoo
  8. Giraffe Milwaukee county zoo
  9. Manitou Springs
  10. Great smoky mountains railway
  11. My lucky penny Trump Plaza (probably south Florida)
  12. "If it harms a beaver we're against it" madisonville Tx
  13. Some kind of chocolate characters Dubai
  14. Atlantis Dubai
  15. Seaworld Seoul
  16. 96th floor observatory John Hancock bldg Chicago
  17. Wrigley Field Chicago
  18. Gettysburg national military park
  19. Baby bugs and Taz six flags Atlanta
  20. Cowboy Donald Duck WDW
  21. Steamboat Willy WDW
  22. Adventureland WDW
  23. Jungle cruise WDW
  24. Country bear jamboree WDW
  25. Giraffe Animal Kingdom
  26. Gwazi Busch gardens
  27. Puffin sea world
  28. Penguin sea world
  29. Bruce hanging Jaws UO
  30. Bruce face Jaws UO
  31. Horton UIOA
  32. Pterosaur UIOA
  33. Dinosaur UO
  34. Lorax UIOA
  35. "I survived the Jurassic park river ride" UIOA
  36. Hollywood rip ride rockit UO
  37. Ironman UIOA
  38. Hulk UIOA
  39. MIB alien UO
  40. Old city gate STA
  41. Castillo de San Marco STA
  42. Ape jax zoo
  43. Rhino jax zoo
  44. Gorilla jax zoo
  45. Giraffe jax zoo
  46. Tiger jax zoo
  47. Bear jax zoo
  48. Manatees MOSH Jax