Radical Stuff I Wore in the '80s/'90s

The most radical I ever was would be in elementary school, so we're talking 1990-1996. I don't have much photographic evidence at my house, so you're just going to have to trust me.
  1. Dinosaur tee shirts
    I made a dinosaur club, and forced my friends to be in it, even though they didn't care about dinosaurs at all.
  2. Foil sea turtle Explorations tee shirt
    You know that wearing an enormous Explorations tee shirt made you hot shit. I had a few, but my favorite one had a foil sea turtle on it. Nobody else had it at my school.
  3. What my mom referred to as "bicycle shorts"
    Basically just spandex shorts in all different colors.
  4. Hair scrunchies
    For me this was a disaster because of my curly hair
  5. Scrunch socks
    Like Hooters servers still have to wear.
  6. Poofy sleeves
    When forced.
  7. D. A. R. E. tee shirt
    We were given these at assemblies, and everyone just wore them. It's probably just because we were lower middle class.
  8. Cheap canvas shoes from Payless
    When you live in south Florida, you don't really need warm shoes. These were nice because I could get any color I wanted. It was all about having as many colors as possible.
  9. Home made tie dye tee shirts
    Man, I was awful at making these look cool. I made a purple one one time, and once I got to school, someone pointed out that the design looked like boobies, and the kids were relentless. It was still radical, though.