1. A few weeks ago, I began rewatching The Office.
  2. When The Office was originally airing, I stopped watching when Michael left.
    I had been watching since season one, and his exit was too perfect, and I just didn't want to see this show without Michael Scott.
  3. And I was glad.
  4. I'd often heard the opinions of others that it went downhill after that, and for me it existed only as its perfect self.
  5. This time, I watched it all the way to the end.
  6. But...
  7. My fiance, who has never watched the show, suddenly started watching with me, somewhere around Jim and Pam's wedding.
  8. I continually asked him if he wanted me to start the series over.
    I'd do it for him, only because I love him.
  9. He declined.
    I guess because he loves me too.
  10. So we watched the rest of the series together.
  11. And it was great.
    I loved having more closure. I thought Robert California was funny. I thought Andy was a good boss. I loved more Darryl. I loved Jim and Pam's evolving relationship. I loved Angela and Oscar. IDC what my friends say, Nellie Bertram was hilarious. I regret not watching it while it unfolded.
  12. I cried during the finale.
    And my fiancé asked me why. Like some sort of Martian trying to assimilate to Earth culture. He like, really probed for what about the finale caused me to break.
  13. And now we're watching it again from the beginning.
    Because he wants to understand. Even though he knows the ending.
  14. He breezed through seasons one and two in two days.
    He's a monster.
  15. I tried to explain that he just skipped through two agonizing years of Jim and Pam.
    You know?
  16. He keeps looking at his phone!
    He's missing the funniest/heart-breakingest visual moments. Like 70% of this show is physical. He's browsing reddit!
  17. He likes pre-anger management Andy.
  18. He's doing it all wrong, how did I get myself into this mess?