We were stepping out the door to go see Rogue One, and there was an unexpected BOX! So I tore it open by my front door, while my dude took pictures.
  1. My secret Santa is @tatertotfreak !
  2. She made this lovely card!
  3. There's coffee! I can't wait to get buzzed on it!
  4. There's a tiny box!
  5. It's a keychain with some kind of cool cactus in it! I'm totally scared to put it on my keys, but it's so adorable and I love it so much!
  6. There's lotion! I love this earthy Stress Relief scent from B&BW, HOW did she even know?
  7. I was instructed to treat yo' self with these three cool sounding masks!
  8. There's a beautiful necklace! I am quite sure it's a nerve cell, and it's so cool!
  9. I'm wearing it now!
  10. Thank you @tatertotfreak , you're some kind of oracle, and I'm following you now, and I'm so excited!
  11. And thank you as well to @DawnCloud for making this whole thing happen!