This is my 100th list. 🎉
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    Winn Dixie Hickory Sweet bacon
    My dad worked in construction, so he was always up earlier than anyone had any right to be. On his days off, mom would make him breakfast, and hours later I'd wake up to this smell still in the air, and a few leftover slices of cold crispy bacon.
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    Drakkar Noir
    Speaking of dad, he'd be gone for work long before anyone else woke up. But if I woke up and buried my face in my cat's fur, I'd still smell him. It took my child brain a while to connect the dots— dad would shower and shave, then have his coffee while reading the newspaper with the cat.
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    Even though we lived in hellish South Florida, we kept the AC off, and the windows open. We had a jasmine bush in front of our house which bloomed at night, and ushered in bedtime.
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    Parrot food
    We had two parrots when I was growing up, and I still have one of them. I know it's just seeds and nuts and dried things, but it always smells the same. It's a very specific smell.
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    Marlboro Lights 100's
    My mom's brand. She chain smoked around me. In the house, in the car, wherever. In the late 80s and early to mid 90s, that wasn't so villainized. My friends complained that I smelled like cigarettes well into high school. I had a few teachers ask me if I was smoking (I was very well behaved, so this allegation made me cry).
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    Wrigley's Doublemint gum
    Mom's go-to for hiding cigarette breath. It left its minty funk on anything it touched. Moms purse was a bouquet of tobacco, Doublemint, and pennies.
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    "Original" scented Lysol
    Mom insisted it was "the best." 😷😷😷
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    My parents lived frugally in order to own a boat, and we went out fishing a lot. Boat smell is fish blood, spilled beer, sunblock, and salt water. They would stick me in the cabin during certain times, to get me out of the way. The cabin had a stale musty odor that I hated.
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    Drywall framing
    My dad was a framer, and he usually had a framing project going on at our house, or our neighbors house. It's a distinct "new house" smell. It persists even after the new wall is painted.
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    Khus Khus
    My mom used to have to pay vacationing friends to get this for her from the Caribbean. It's a fragrance I never really liked, but the only fragrance my mom has EVER liked.
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    Covergirl Cheekers
    I always loved going through the makeup of the women in my life. My mom never wore any, but I have a sister who is thirteen years older than me, and I have some very glamorous aunts. Covergirl had this powdery lovely scent that I am having a hard time describing. I never used Covergirl, personally, so I don't know if it still smells like this, but every time I open blush of any brand, I expect this scent.