*except in theaters, we're not that awful* As demonstrated by the conversation we had while watching Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.
  1. Me: "How tall do you think Simon Pegg is?"
  2. Him: "I think he..."
  3. Me: "WAIT. Do you know how tall Tom Cruise is?"
  4. Him: "I know that Tom Cruise is kind of short. Simon Pegg seems shortish. I'm going to say Simon Pegg is 5'7, Tom Cruise is 5'3?"
  5. Me: "Jesus."
  6. Him: "how tall are they?"
  7. Me: "how tall do you think Jeremy Renner is?"
  8. Him: "Jeremy Renner.... 5'8. No, he's a super hero... 5'11."
  9. Me: "how tall do you think Ving Rhames is?"
  10. Him: "Like 6'4."
  11. Me: "how tall do you think Alec Baldwin is?"
  12. Him: "Alec Baldwin... 5'10."
  13. Me: "Okay Tom Cruise is 5'7. Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner are 5'10. Alec Baldwin and Ving Rhames are 6'0.
  14. Him: "no way Ving Rhames is only six foot. *googles*
  15. Me: "what just happened, why is she leaving?"
  16. Him: "rewind it."
  17. (Note that tallness can be swapped with age)
  18. (Note that no one likes to watch movies with us)