1. I got drunk on Halloween and went on Amazon and bought vitamins, of all things.
  2. I don't relate to this Adele song at all, and everyone else seems like they do.
  3. I realized that it's been six months since my fiancé's mom has begun texting me bible verses at 5:00 every morning.
  4. I deleted the running text of bible verses, and I have enough storage to update my apps now.
  5. I'm still pretty torn up about the Packers' loss.
  6. Everything I needed at Publix today was BOGO, it was👌
  7. I've been taking caffeine pills instead of drinking coffee this week, but I've been thinking of coffee nonstop.
  8. Tilda Swinton is FIFTY-FIVE!?
  9. Honestly, I never respond to those bible verses, why is this a thing?
  10. Re: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton dating, my fiancé comments "she's so lucky."
  11. Here's proof
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