Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Talk about ASOIAF/GOT theories, or analyze what part of that world you might be from.
    This is my area of expertise.
  2. Try to do a handstand with you
    I can't. It will be hilarious because I'm eight feet tall. You're so much better at this than me.
  3. Drink wine.
    If this is your thing. I hate wine, but I can tolerate it like a PRO.
  4. Send you flowers.
    Better yet: fancy chocolates.
  5. Read to you.
    I do voices.
  6. Just sit and be quiet.
    Maybe THIS is my area of expertise.
  7. I will go get you coffee.
    Or some tea, or a smoothie, or some pressed juice.
  8. Make you a grilled cheese.
    I can cook much more complicated things, if you'd like, but I know the healing powers of a good grilled cheese.
  9. Push you on a swing.
    If you can't find the strength to push yourself.
  10. I'll txt you some pics.
    Kittens, puppies, goats, etc.
  11. I'll be DD.
    I can even manage to dance sober. You'll never know the difference.
  12. Bring you blankets.
    I make a pretty good blanket cocoon.
  13. Take you to an antique store
    This will be so much fun.
  14. Cake.
    Wherever it comes from, whatever the type, I will eat it with you. All of it.
  15. Play Mario Kart.
    I'll let you win, because I know how infuriating this game is.
  16. "Let's go get fro-yo."
    Basically my catch phrase.
  17. Drive.
    My MINI gets good gas mileage, so don't worry 'bout it. Shotgun picks the music (or lack thereof).
  18. I'll make hookah
    I got this shisha that tastes like fruity pebbles.
  19. I'll write you a letter.
    Like a legit, pen and paper deal.
  20. I'll make my bird give you a kiss.
    She can be shy, but I won't give up.
  21. Set up a Disney movie marathon
    I'll have plenty of chocolate handy.