I just love him.
  1. I wish he was my best friend.
  2. He's following me on Twitter, and I barely even use Twitter.
  3. He mailed me a note with some stickers, and I don't even know why.
  4. I 100% support his presidential campaign.
    Yes I have the shirt and stickers
  5. I know his music is a lot to deal with, but he's also a classically trained pianist.
  6. His party tips are life affirming
  7. Or uplifting
  8. Or harmonious
  9. His advice column on the Village Voice is 💯
  10. Look at him when he was a baby
  11. Look at him with Grumpy Cat
  12. Look at his wife
  13. You think a broken foot is going to stop him from tearing down the house?
  14. He drummed for 24 hours one time
  15. Fucking look at him!
  16. Ke$ha once gave him a prison tattoo, and it got infected
  17. Here he is with another cat celebrity
  18. For someone who has made a trademark out of being dirty and sweaty and bloody, he's pretty sexy, right?
  19. Right?
  20. Right.