I started this list after my fiancé had an argument with his mom about us never attending church. I wasn't going to ever post it, but it's my last draft.
  1. Age eleven.
    When I slept over at my best friend's house, then went to church with her the following morning. Her youth pastor yelled at me in front of the whole youth group that I was evil, and was going to die a miserable wretch. He yelled at me until I agreed to repeat after him.
  2. Age fifteen.
    When I attended a "Halloween play" that my friend was in at her church (a month after 9/11, the horror was there was a plane crashing, and some passengers weren't saved). I went with her boyfriend who was also my friend, to support her, but we found ourselves in a room alone with a man who said we could leave when we opened our hearts to Jesus. Turns out he was the pastor, and she told him we needed to be saved. We both stopped talking to her.