Eleven times doesn't really seem right to me
  1. First time ever at HOB Orlando, 2004
    Got punched in the stomach by some drunk chick who was crying on this guy I liked.
  2. Jacksonville at what used to be called Plush, 2005
    Realized I hated my boyfriend, but went ahead and got married to him, later.
  3. Jacksonville Warped Tour, 2007
    Showed up just for them then left.
  4. Jacksonville at what used to be called Freebird, 2008
    Claudio wore a Boba Fett helmet, played a theremin solo.
  5. Orlando HOB with Circa Survive, 2010
    By myself, favorite show ever
  6. St. Pete for SSTB Neverender, 2011
    Cursed out my friend because she's annoying af when she's drunk and her boyfriend high fived me.
  7. Gainesville once (only once?), 2012
    Bought bootyshorts that say "EVERYTHING EVIL" on the ass, and I still wear them like every day.
  8. Orlando HOB, 2013
    I had a cold, and probably everyone in attendance got sick.
  9. Jacksonville radio Memorial Day thing, 2013
    Has it been that long?
  10. Orlando for the IKSSE:3 Neverender, 2014
    I was entrusted with selling my pregnant friend's tickets, but I'm a chicken, and I sold them to a scalper at a loss.
  11. (I had to miss them twice, I was so mad)
  12. St. Pete for GAIBSIV Neverender, 2017
    Sunday. Nearly had a panic attack because I smelled weed and I thought it might jeopardize my job search? I'm much less cool than I was twelve years ago.