Welcome to Everbank Stadium
  1. People who buy the cheapest tickets available as a cover to stand around in the Bud Zone.
  2. Entire families with season tickets together who sit in complete silence the entire game.
  3. Diehard fans who go from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other within three quarters, and then disappear suddenly.
  4. Hillbilly children wearing t-shirts inside the pools.
  5. Drunk people who have decent seats, but spend the whole game standing in beer/bathroom lines.
  6. Desperate single girls who spent hundreds of dollars to sit as close as possible to the visiting team.
  7. People who won tickets from a work thing, and wore a tasteful polo shirt.
  8. Ladies wearing cheetah print clothing or accessories.
  9. Fans of the other team who are thrilled to have gotten such a great deal on seats.
  10. Large groups of children wearing the same color t-shirt who get featured for having been rewarded for good grades, or something.
  11. The proud family and friends of the Roar cheerleaders who don't get discounts on tickets.