I would fix it myself, but there was a PYGMY RATTLESNAKE on my patio yesterday, which I snap chatted for one brave second, and I am NOT going out there.
  1. I put my hair up
    This is a big deal, because I have the kind of hair where the hairband dent does not go away, no matter what, and my hair looked okay until this got out of hand.
  2. I turned all the ceiling fans on
    I took Physics 1, so I p much think that fans generate more heat than they cool, but it's 85 degrees in my house, I'm desperate.
  3. I opened the windows
    For a hot second, and I do mean hot, because it was 89 degrees outside, and there was no breeze. Also it rained last night, so it was even more humid than usual.
  4. I tried to flush the condensate drain
    It's too late for that, I should be doing that regularly, oops.
  5. Drinking something cold
    Works fine for about four seconds.
  6. Drinking something hot.
    I once read that people cooled down this way before electricity. THAT was a lie.
  7. I got all sweaty, so my house would feel cool in comparison
    I straightened up in the garage some, and when I came back inside, it was great for not even a second, then I was miserable again.
  8. I made jello
    It sounded so refreshing, but I didn't consider how long it takes jello to set. So I'll have jello later.
  9. I surveyed the backyard
    I seriously considered hauling out the shopvac, and ending this. I stuck my head out the back door and looked around. I didn't see any venomous reptiles, but it was still too spooky for me.