Inspired by @semioccasional. All of my theories work on the assumption that @ChrisK was @ListPrompts, so with that in mind:
  1. On Jan 23rd, Chris K made a list about the secret service. He obviously knows too much, and has had all list app access revoked while the USSS investigates. He's not allowed to talk about it.
  2. Am I crazy for feeling like I remember a list Chris K made while he was in LA where he included a photo of a building that Apple was constructing? I can't find it now, so probably his iPhone access was shut down. He's not allowed to talk about it.
  3. Chris K met with @bjnovak at soho house, of all places. Now that he's been to such an exclusive place, he can't associate with commoners anymore. He'll only talk about it with famous people.
  4. Got an Android phone? He literally can't log in and talk about it.