I could give some helpful advice, but this is more fun.
  1. The news looks like this all the time
  2. You can't go to the grocery store if there's a system brewing out in the ocean/gulf
    The shelves have already been cleared by the panicked masses
  3. Good luck trying to fit all those lawn chairs/ potted plants/ grills/ corn hole rigs into the garage
  4. You get to leave work early! ...but the bridges are all closed, and now you can't get home.
    It's happened to me.
  5. It's still 86 degrees outside, so if you lose power you'll sweat half to death.
  6. You get real creative with food
    Because you avoided going to the store in that madness
  7. Hurricane parties aren't much of a thing when you're a functioning adult because chances are your company still has some way of forcing you to work from home.
  8. You/ the kids might get a hurricane day off of school, but everything is closed, and you're stuck inside.
  9. You know to fill the bathtub with water, but no one ever knows why that's done.