The night before? A few days? Immediately afterward, before changing my name on Facebook? Some things to consider:
  1. I was married once before.
    I did a wedding, and the whole shebang, and I hated it, and my family traveled to get to it, and that was nice, but I'm not about to ask them to do it again.
  2. Jason and I have been engaged for five years.
    Like, we're just sick and tired of not being married to each other, already.
  3. I'm not pregnant.
    I know that's the assumption, but no.
  4. My family is a little salty that I didn't tell them about my graduation a few weeks ago.
    It was NBD to me, I didn't even want to walk, but I couldn't figure out how to opt out.
  5. My mom gave me her blessing.
    I think I got my hate of big huge deal celebrations from her.
  6. We're going out of town immediately afterward.
    And I mean we are literally hitting the highway after exchanging rings.
  7. I don't want them to find out on social media.
    I'm not a monster.