1. When I have to fight back tears because one of my professors added ANOTHER assignment.
  2. When I weigh the pros and cons between taking a quick nap, or taking a shower.
    Shower, then coffee.
  3. When I have to dress to accommodate 20 degree temperature swing.
    Sixty degrees is cold.
  4. When I daydream about cleaning my house.
    Because that would be more satisfying than literally anything else I'm supposed to do right now.
  5. When I catch a cold every other week.
  6. When I'm trying to finish a paper, but I'm distracted by the new episode of TWD.
    Save me, Daryl
  7. When I haven't eaten anything but pizza or pbj in three weeks.
    I won't even look at a scale.
  8. When my coworkers ask what I've changed with my hair.
    I just didn't style it.
  9. When a proper trip to the grocery store feels like a refreshing vacation.
    Look, honey, plumcots!