On the evening of Inauguration Day, I realized I needed a break.
  1. Trying to avoid letting the news and social media pull me down.
    Because it keeps getting worse!
  2. Trying to focus on my internship.
    I'm interning at one of the best high schools in my area, and I covet any job there.
  3. Playing BBTAN.
    I know I missed the craze, but I just heard about it, and it's simple and mindless, and just what I need right now.
  4. Playing Tap My Katamari.
    I love the console Katamari games, and this isn't the same thing, but it's even more mindless than BBTAN, for when I need *less*
  5. Watching The Magicians.
    How come nobody told me about this, I'm obsessed.
  6. Watching the OA.
  7. I went to see Clay Matthews for a third time this season.
    He. Broke. My. Heart. But. That's. Okay.