Can we get some variety in here? Your top shelf looks like the new release section at a Blockbuster. Remember Blockbuster? Netflix's old fat Uncle.
  1. Burt/Reynolds Bar and Grill in Conway, Arkansas.
    Google it.
  2. The Area 51 Lounge
    NOT the hookah bar in San Diego. The actual employee lounge at Area 51. Although, you have to make your own margaritas.
  3. The one at my house.
    If Woodhouse would ever remember to restock the Glengoolie.
  4. The one in my pants.
    It's... wait, I had something for this.
  5. Red Hook Bait & Tackle
    The only reason I don't have the Big Buck Hunter top score is because the game doesn't have accurate kickback.
  6. The private room at Bourbon & Branch
  7. The one at ISIS
    If Carol would ever stock the Glengoolie.
  8. This one.
    If the bartender would stop talking to his girlfriend so I can take her home.