TLDR: I paid $100 for a facial cleanser last night. This morning it feels like a mistake. Like I took home some random and now he won't leave.
  1. He lured me in from the sidewalk by handing me a sample. Then said he had another sample for me but it's inside the store. I waited at the door but from inside he said "it's in here" and waved me in.
    This is why your parents told you never to take candy from strangers.
  2. I'm at an age where I need to start thinking about taking better care of my skin, but hadn't started doing and research on products, so I thought I'd here him out and maybe learn something.
    Never try to learn something from someone who only sells one kind of product at one (VERY) price point.
  3. Several times he both complimented me and insulted me in the same breath, to the point I was dizzy.
    I was switching between smiling and frowning so quickly and often that I probably gave myself a year's worth more wrinkles just sitting there!
  4. I told him it was too expensive and then allowed him to convince me that it's not, that it's worth it.
    Don't make an impulse purchase like $100 facial products without reading reviews! I'm supposed to be on a budget, I'm supposed to know better.
  5. The whole exchange felt icky, and by the end I feel like I bought it so I wouldn't have to hear him talk anymore.
    I'm sure this is how a lot of one night stands go.
  6. When I got home and looked at the receipt and it said "NO REFUNDS, exchange within 14 days'.
    But did I didn't I expect that, really? Always ask for the return policy, okay?
  7. Things I tell myself to make this purchase a little okay:
    Sales is hard work, that guy maybe needed a sale! I DO need to take better care of my skin, and while reviews weren't great, maybe using this will be better than the nothing I've been using until now! I've learned a valuable lesson! I now know to avoid that side of the sidewalk, or at least never make eye contact with those cream sellers again!