At 11:40 pm Dec 29 I was lying in bed alone, in the dark, on my stomach, looking at my phone when my bed started to shake...
  1. Is my bed shaking?
  2. Is someone in my bed with me?!
    I'm home alone so this is terrifying. I pause and feel for more shaking, shaking intensifies...
  3. Is this an earthquake?! ... No...
    No, the rapist who is in my bed, who I'm too frozen in fear to look at, has spooked and jumped out of my bed (causing more shaking) and ran through my apartment (causing everything to rattle) of course!
  4. That was an earthquake, right?
  5. *texts boyfriend* "Was that an earthquake?!"
    He takes way too long to answer.
  6. *checks twitter* Yep, totally an earthquake!
  7. I really shouldn't be naked in case I need to evacuate or I die due to aftershocks.
    I run to my closet for workout clothes. Comfy enough to sleep in but I can wear them outside without shame.
  8. I can't believe I had emergency/earthquake training at work last week. So weird.
  9. I am no where near ready.
  10. A strong earthquake would cause my three huge bookcases to crush me in my sleep. Better finally move those. *proceeds to rearrange furniture at midnight* Sorry, neighbors...
  11. Better have a glass of wine and check out the earthquake tweets because there is no way I'm sleeping.
  12. I have half an emergency kit, maybe I should check that out.
  13. Hey I actually have a lot of the missing items, they're just scattered around the house!
    So I ran around and gathered what I had, and made a list of what I still need. This was a huge wake up call for me. Please get yourself a 72 hour emergency kit for your home and a grab-and-go kit for evacuation. Don't wait!