1. Give someone keys to their apartment after they had been sleeping on the train for months
  2. Sing a duet with a client in a talent show
  3. See an undocumented client finally get dentures after months of waiting on a free dental clinic waitlist
  4. Translate a horoscope from English into Russian for a client. Every day.
  5. Learn that a client was finally approved for social security benefits I helped her apply for
  6. Do role plays with a client to help her gain confidence when talking with others
  7. Go to a shelter to look for a client and find her in the dining room eating cake for breakfast
  8. Get some clients hooked on my ginger beer and lime sherbet float idea
  9. Hear clients ask me to make my "famous" tuna salad.
    Secret ingredient: love
  10. See clients dance together at a Pride party I put together
  11. Watch clients support one another after another client dies
  12. Hear good news about a client's health
  13. Help a client get her ID when she had previously been resistant to any case management
  14. Come to work everyday knowing I get to work with the most awesome clients there are.