Reasons My Grandmother Is Cool

  1. She had 9 kids-7 boys and 2 girls.
    She had so many kids her uterus started falling out. For real.
  2. She is 92 and on facebook.
    And she signs all her comments "love grandma."
  3. Whenever she gave us ice cream she would sing "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream."
  4. She is openly disdainful of the food served in her nursing home and tells staff how awful it is.
  5. Even when she buried two of her kids she was the rock for her entire family.
    And she stayed at the hospital all night when my dad was dying.
  6. When she answers the phone she says "yello!"
  7. Her husband cheated on her and she still hates the bitch he cheated with.
  8. She calls people "different" when she thinks they are weird.
  9. She picks up pennies she finds on the ground for good luck.
    But only if they are heads up
  10. I once heard her curse out her sister and then hang up on her.
  11. When she find out my cousin got accidentally pregnant she told her she was "thinking with what was between her legs."
  12. She wears cardigans. Just like me.