First day without my awesome interns and I miss them already!
  1. Asking them if I look too fat and/or pregnant in various outfits
  2. Having them drive me to Michael's for program craft supplies (and maybe personal craft supplies too).
  3. Making them follow me around Jewel while I get groceries
  4. Getting all the good gossip from them that tenants don't tell me.
  5. Asking (telling) them to help me move seemingly 100 pound tables from one room to another
  6. Making them cut up the onions during dinner prep and watching them cry
  7. Going to DSW with them on my lunch hour and asking them which boots look best
  8. Hearing them talk about new experiences, thoughts, and ideas they got from their internship
  9. Talking to them about how much I love One Direction. During supervision so they can't escape.