random thoughts and feelings i had while bumbling through sunday.
  1. i seriously love going to target. it's back to school shopping season. i am 30, but an aisle full of pens still does it for me. i'm not sure why this brings me joy given that i hated school, but i have bigger things to overthink.
  2. this bloody mary mix is legit
    i love sundays at the farmers market. i fully realize that this is available at a grocery store, but the joy of buying it there isn't the same.
  3. my new apple tv!
    it was time to upgrade. i signed up for sling (to stream live tv) and then realized i couldn't actually use sling on my tv with my existing devices. neat. i miss live tv and news. this is somehow cheaper than paying for cable again.
  4. my orchid is in full bloom
    this was a birthday gift from a boy i liked so very much. he practically lived with me for six months, and i was happy. my introverted and reclusive self that needs to be independent and alone all day loved this against all reason. the relationship ended a year ago, but the orchid lives on.
  5. i learned to shuck oysters this week
    without stabbing myself. tiny hands. tiny wins.