1. My holidays would've been better with my parents.
    This probably would've been more helpful when I was younger and travelled with them more. But do you know when you go to an art gallery and your parents are all like "let's look at this art work for 5 minutes", and there are 50 art works... Yeah. If I liked art, going to Melbourne would've been better for 12 year old Ben.
  2. I'd know people who wear scarves in summer.
    Especially if you're wearing shorts. Shorts+t-shirt+scarf = a friend who likes art. They're really trendy and know about where to get good beer too.
  3. My Instagram game would be stronger.
    2 reasons.1. I'd know what works and what doesn't, my aesthetic sensibilities would be way up. 2. I'd have photos on my gram of mad art.
  4. Overall more cultural capital.
    People who like art are objectively cooler then you. Whoever you are. Unless you're a fine arts major in which case you don't need others to tell you that you're cool. You already know.
  5. Cred with the chicks
    Suggested by @jayedubbz