1. Blanket scarves are back
    Nothing's better than you're sitting in your cold, seemingly hypothermic lecture hall and realizing your scarf doubles as a much needed blanket
  2. Hot coffee
    Don't get me wrong I love cold brew, but something about hot coffee warms my senses, literally
  3. It's cold but not too cold
    I hate hot weather and I hate sweating, so when the tempature dips down nothing makes me happier, I choose cold over hot any day but of course it can't be too cold
  4. The train because increasingly bearable
    You're no longer forced to duck you're head down out of fear of being subjected to smell the stranger's next to you Stanky underarms as they hold the bar a over your head
  5. Halloween movies
    Disney's time to step back into the spotlight and redeem itself from the joke it has become... Achem dog with a blog.... We want Halloween town
  6. Fall TV is back
    My life has become seemingly empty without SHONDALAND to fill up my Thursday nights with TGIT