Sometimes these happen in order and sometimes they don't.
  1. Take off work required name tag.
    Once it's off I can drink if need be.
  2. Eat and plan for next meal.
    What's for dinner and is there enough for lunch?
  3. Watch The West Wing.
    No spoilers. I just want Charlie to be happy.
  4. Read a book.
    Currently not reading, but rather listening to an audiobook. I wish I was listening to a book on cassette- those were the days.
  5. Think about showering.
    Likelihood it's happening-0.
  6. Pretend to clean.
    It makes it look like I have a reason for hiding from my roommate
  7. Sleep at 9pm
    When you remember you must wake up earlier than normal to finally took the shower you avoided, you need to go to sleep early.