Highlights via cross time zone watching with pals
  1. What is sarcasm if not Chandler Bing
  2. Pausing to diagnose many people with Kanye West Spectrum disorder
  3. I'm very excited to tune into Bunny and Kitty and tell all my friends they are MILFS
    My inspirational lady friends, of course!
  4. Paused for now....
  5. And we're back in action! Jacqueline is right- making coffee is cooking.
  6. Malcolm X was the pope.
  7. You know, that sexy Joe Biden has great teeth.
  8. Goddamn Christopher Columbus.
  9. Sometimes you just have to call out the obvious.
  10. Let's all make a pact to claim our own farts. It's the American thing to do.
  11. Snapple caps- educating the public on important issues.
  12. Well you know, we all have that one friend who has a tail.