I'm a worst case scenario type...
  1. A killer is on the loose
  2. Said killer is hiding in the crawl space under my home
    Not sure I have a crawl space (assuming this is a common thing for homes to have)?
  3. I wonder, will the killer break into my home through the front door, a window, or the side door
  4. Will he kill me first? Or my roommate?
    My room is near the front of the house so I guess it just depends on where he enters/who he finds first
  5. I hope he gets it over with and its not messy
  6. Who will find us? Housekeeper comes Thursday morning but assuming someone will come looking for us when we don't show up to work tomorrow
  7. I'm so mad I haven't had the alarm installed yet
    We moved in 6 months ago
  8. I should take a Xanax