1. James Blake
    Retrograde, life round here, lindesfarne ( there's something about both the parts, I can't describe)
  2. Arctic monkeys
    The new album A-M is a killer. Why do you always call me when you're high? And No 1party anthem and of course Do I wanna know ? 😋
  3. Bon iver
    Music may come and go, but this artist will always be close to my heart. Just discovered re-stacks and beach baby and I can't stop listening.
  4. Fleet foxes
    When I feel like I've lost my sense of beautiful harmonies, I listen to blue ridge mountain, montezuma and Mykonos. Brilliant tracks
  5. Stromae
    A little more upbeat for my liking. But his powerful French vocals can make anyone fall in love with the language. Tous Le même is my favourite