Well at least at some point in your life. (Trinbagonian - a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago). An ever evolving list maybe.
  1. A river lime
    The river is secondary, it's the lime (Trini for socializing) that's important (with a wicked curry duck)
  2. Take a dip in Store Bay
    Or plenty of other magnificent beaches in Tobago, but this is a good starting point
  3. Eat a shark and bake on Maracas.
    Shark and bake, bake and shark, the argument continues. Or some kind of fried bake. Understandable if you have strong shark conservation views. It's the condiments that is your test. Bring your A-game and see what concoction you can create.
  4. Debe doubles
    You don't go for the doubles, but for everything else. Take yours to 'have here' and enjoy.
  5. Bubble a pot
    At least once in yuh life, know how to cook our popular liming food, be it Pelau, fish broth (or as we say - broff), crab and dumplings and of course, a curry duck.
  6. Visit Bucco Reef
    Our pride and joy reef, take a ride on the world famous glass bottom boats. Visit before it disappears!
  7. Play mas
    Dingolay, ramajay and wine dong (down) for Carnival. It's world famous, be part of it!
  8. Play All Fours
    What dominoes is to Jamaicans, All fours is to Trinbagonians. Sniffing out the Jack is the thrill of the game
  9. Experience a pan session in a panyard
    The Pan, our claim to fame in the musical world. Let the sweet sound move yuh (your) soul. A truly unique experience.
  10. Go to a fete
    Jump up and free up in a fete, regret nothing the next day no matter what happens.
  11. Hike
    We can turn a hike into a lime but take only memories and leave nothing behind. Many gorgeous trails and waterfalls at different difficulty levels; dust off those shoes and get going.
  12. Calypso Tent
    The home of Calypso. You do know calypso was 'invented' by Trinibagonians? Experience the lyrical performances, just don't wear your political party affiliations on your sleeve!