Be good to me!!
  1. Spend time meaningfully
    Work towards something! Limit time on technology! You will not look back on hours spent Instagram stalking fondly in the future.
  2. Be honest and open
    Vulnerability is so good for you!!! Just look at all it's cleared up! 2017 is the year for more meaningful conversations and for telling the ones you love that you love them. Life is complicated, don't add to it by lying to yourself.
  3. Write!
    Poetry, songs, journal entries. Because it feels right and helps in processing. Turn confusion into something truly beautiful.
  4. Read more excessively
    Finish a book every two weeks.
  5. Truly listen
    Stop worrying about what you're going to say next and take the time to truly listen to what others are telling you.
  6. Work at my craft
    Lyric write, practice my instruments (and more instruments???), work on music notation.
  7. Learn Italian
    It's about time.
  8. Take dance lessons
  9. Save money
    Live simplistically. Ask "Do I really need this?" because YOU HAVE SO MANY PLACES TO GET TO.
  10. See more sunrises and sunsets
  11. Spend more quality time with family
  12. Treat my body well
    Give it good sleep, food, challenge it, love it.
  13. Stop swearing
    Even if shit has become your favorite word.
  14. Have a clear and happy mind☺️🌺❤
    Feed it good literature. Take it on walks. Listen to new music. Seek understanding. Fill it with stories from strangers and friends alike.