1. The Tim Ferriss Show
    That's how I found this app! Wide ranging, diverse topics and interviewees. Tech, Biz, Entertainment, etc. Always several takeaways to improve myself in some way. One of the most powerful/inspiring - Jocko Willink, Navy SEAL and Iraq war veteran.
  2. The James Altucher Show
    Another diverse show but I love the questions he asks guests, and I relate to his backstory (he started building websites like me)
  3. Ask Altucher
    Short form Q/A where he answers many questions people have on business, life and love. Some of his opinions are counter to mainstream thinking, i.e. never buy a house, don't go to college
  4. Smart Passive Income
    Learn how to make money online passively. It's a long-term goal, but if you want to make it work, start TODAY!
  5. Entrepreneur on Fire
    Daily podcast interview with entrepreneurs who share their story. Motivating. And the host, John Lee Dumas, is epic with his production.
  6. The Moment with Brian Koppleman
    If I want to learn more about TV, movies and the entertainment industry, this is where I go.
  7. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
    Amy is one of the more straightforward voices when it comes to teaching Facebook and online marketing. Breaks things down, explains examples and goes into her personal strategies.