Cooking Tools and Devices I Use Everyday

I don't mess around when it comes to cooking, mainly because I love eating.
  1. AeroPress - Broke my French press and I like this device more for making great coffee
  2. Immersion (Hand) Blender - So much easier than standard size, use for soups, whipped cream, smoothies, drinks, dips, etc.
  3. Squeeze Bottles - Buy Commercial ones from Amazon, use for oils, vinegars, sauces
  4. Mason Jars - Coffee Beans, Teas, Canning
  5. Food Scale - Science is cool, I treat recipes more like an experiment. That means accuracy is paramount for duplication. Weight > Volume. But over time you should be learning techniques so you can whip up a meal from whatever you got.
  6. Juicer - I bought the Omega brand and it can be used for juicing fruits or greens, frozen sorbets, nut butters and making pasta.
  7. Sharp Knife - One of my friends has an expensive knife set yet they are always dull even after sharpening. Nothing is more annoying. A great brand on Amazon under $15? Rada Cutlery. Sharpest one I've ever used.
  8. 32 oz. Nalgene Bottle - Drink more water, it's good for you. Having a bigger bottle is an easy way to do that each day. I drink almost a gallon a day if you count tea/coffee.