In my world, this is the pinnacle
  1. The Office
    Can't go wrong with Michael Scott. Personal favorite.
  2. South Park
    They nail any dumb shit going on in the world. Best animated show ever... Yea, better than Family Guy or Simpsons. This season also a departure from norm with storyline throughout season.
  3. Mr. Show with Bob & David
    Still waiting to watch the Netflix version, but in my opinion this was one of the best comedy shows ever. Sketch format keeps it fast moving, HBO means no limitations.
  4. Nathan for You
    My current favorite. Awkward is an understatement. Show concepts are amazing.
  5. Arrested Development
    This may be the best written comedy show I can think of. Such a shame they got cancelled in their prime seasons.
  6. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Pretty, pretty, pretty good.
  7. The League
    I'm a fantasy footballer so this was right in my wheelhouse.