They ain't always easy...
  1. Getting up early
    A year ago I would routinely stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning and get up at noon. Did that since high school. But I eventually got tired of it, and I think it did contribute to depressing days w/o sunlight. Over the course of this last year, it's been my mission to get up earlier. Some nights I slept on my couch to do this, but I'm happy to say I'm up before 7 on most days and 8 seems late. It is possible!
  2. Morning routine
    This flows nicely with the first habit. I used to check email and jump into work within five minutes of being awake. This isn't good for your mental state. Getting up earlier and having a morning routine allows me time to get myself together without worrying about obligations, and think about my main objectives for the day.
  3. Drinking a gallon of water a day
    I switched from soda and other calorie heavy beverages years ago. But lately I've been doing the ketogenic diet which requires a lot of water daily. So each morning I make a cup of coffee, fill up a pint glass with water, and also fill up a 32 ounce Nalgene bottle with water. I'm finished those by 12pm, and continue to hydrate all day. Winners drink water.
  4. Reading More
    This sounds crazy but getting the Amazon Kindle actually makes me read more than a physical book. For example, I can use one hand to turn pages, I can read in the dark, I can highlight passages from the book as a way to take notes. I always read blogs and articles on the computer but books are better because they are highly curated thoughts and advice from a reputable person. Sometimes articles are simply "listacles" with no personality.
  5. Listening to Podcasts
    If you don't like reading I'm a firm believer that podcasts are the second best option. And maybe even better because you don't need to take the time out to listen to a podcast... You can multitask and listen while you're in the car, doing laundry, going for a walk.