Ketogenic Diet Observations

You eat tons of fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate (almost no sugar). I've been following for about 2 months.
  1. You eat like a fat ass while losing weight
  2. Started: 176 lbs, currently: 162. My all-time high was 200 lbs about 6 yrs ago. I got down to 149 lbs 2 yrs ago.
  3. I started diet because I lost weight years ago, gained it all back, and was starting to run out of clothes that fit.
  4. Even though you don't have to count calories or carbs, I think it's best to track at the beginning so you get a handle of what you're eating.
  5. Per day - 150 g fat, 80 g protein, 30 g carb (calculated for me)
  6. I drink heavy cream straight
  7. Butter in/on everything
  8. ... Butter coffee (aka Bulletproof coffee) - 2 tbsp butter or coconut oil blended
  9. Slathered on a roast chicken
  10. Taco salads are my go-to easy meal - ground beef, cheese, sour cream, avocado
  11. You can make a decent pizza crust with cauliflower, recipe here (I enjoyed it!) by @gabimoskowitz Cauliflower Crust Pizza
  12. I got lazy one day and grabbed Wendy's fast food. Stayed on track by eating a Baconator and JBC - without the bun.
  13. Bacon is your friend.
  14. Eggs are incredibly versatile for low-carb baking - especially when whites/yolks are separated
  15. I've eaten chocolate almost everyday for 2 weeks - 90% or higher, be careful if you don't track this
  16. Drink a lot of water. Your body doesn't retain much water if you omit high-carb meals.
  17. I crave bad foods less and feel fuller than most diets I've tried... It's difficult to overeat fatty foods, easy to overdo carbs/sweets.
  18. You can measure "ketones" which is what your body produces when burning fat, and blood glucose, using this meter
  19. Salt, magnesium and potassium are important to supplement.
  20. Health benefits other than weight loss - prevention against cancer, diabetes, neuro diseases, more energy, more focus, lower blood sugar, better insulin sensitivity
  21. Do your research - it's counterintuitive to eat fat, but makes sense once you read the science behind it.
  22. You'll learn about your body and nutrition, probably more than you ever wanted to know