My (Older) Puppy Bailee

So she's not a pup but still has that spirit after 10 years. She's the absolute best. She's really my parents dog but since she's so big, I walk her often since she injured my mom darting after a rabbit. She's part dog, part horse.
  1. Yea you can rub my belly.
  2. I have to stop chewing the stick for a picture?
  3. I have a huge body (120 lbs) and a tiny head
  4. Smell something...
  5. My ears are floppy and like velvet
  6. Extreme close up
  7. Puppy smiles
  8. I love sticks
  9. My hair is black but you may notice my beautiful auburn highlights in the sun
  10. This is my yard, I'm the queen
  11. I love people but can be a bully with dogs (but I'm learning)
  12. I see a squirrel...
  13. Here's my new little brother, I tried to bite him when he took my toys, but he's OK.