These are techniques from the book, "Ruhlman's Twenty". The guy clearly knows a thing or two.
  1. Most common problem in dishes is too much or too little salt.
  2. Kosher salt for every day use
    Measure by 3 finger pinches
  3. Use finishing salts for flavor and texture
    Maldon sea salt, Himalayan pink salt
  4. Salt throughout the cooking process for depth and balance
  5. Salt meat immediately after bringing home
    Fish being the exception. Slows down spoilage and seasons inside and out.
  6. Cooking pasta/grains/legumes
    1% salt solution - 1 oz salt, 100 oz water
  7. Cooking green vegetables
    5% salt solution - 50 g salt, 1 L water - "shock" vegetables by dumping into ice water after cooking to retain bright color
  8. Salt doesn't dissolve in oil
    For a vinaigrette, season the water component first
  9. Use salty foods as a seasoning
    Anchovies, nuts, olives, cheeses, bacon, fish sauce
  10. Brine - 5% salt solution
    Add herbs and spices before simmering, let cool completely before adding meat, to cool faster use half water and add half ice, always brine meat in the fridge, never reuse brines, let meat rest after removing from brine to allow salt concentration to equalize
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