I build/manage/advertise small business websites for a living. Used to code HTML, now I'm mostly using WordPress, and I love it
  1. Install in seconds - Most hosting companies offer 1-click install. Yea, it's that easy to get started. And FREE.
  2. Pick a Design - the theme system allows you to pick a look/feel that suits your business industry
  3. Little to No Code Necessary - I know code, but you don't to build a simple website. It's more important to understand the capabilities within WordPress
  4. Making Content Updates is Easier - Editing the website is similar to using Microsoft Word
  5. Get Technical - if you want to dig deep, you can customize anything by learning the theme system, folder hierarchy, and HTML/CSS/PHP
  6. Add Functionality - Other people make "plugins" that you can add to your website, like a contact form or social media sharing.
  7. Protection from Disaster - I have a plugin that automatically backs up my client websites and sends the files to Dropbox, so I can always restore if necessary.
  8. Get Found on Google - The only way to get traffic from Google (without paying) is to constantly add great content to your site - articles, photos, videos, tutorials. Over time your website will appear when people search. WordPress makes it easy to do this and is SEO friendly.