Posts I hate on FB

Don't make your sad need for constant affirmation so painfully obvious.
  1. "6 Years Ago... see your memories." Reposts of the actual post the person already made.
    Those are generated for your own nostalgia. We don't care. We probably didn't care the first time.
  2. Happy Anniversary to my best friend
    If your marriage is as great as your post insists, wouldn't it be better to deliver this treacle in person? (esp annoying when the spouse isn't even on FB)
  3. Happy Birthday to my child
    Your kid is not on FB. Are you going to show this post to him? How about you get off FB and spend some time with him?
  4. So, this happened...
  5. Finished!
    Whether it is wrapped Xmas presents, packed camp trunks, trays of baked treats for school birthdays or a table set for Thanksgiving, no one needs to see that boasty boast trying to hide behind feigned exhaustion or modesty.
  6. Like, Comment and Repost this if....
    Don't hijack my feed with a glorified chain mail. Sure I support cancer research, animal welfare, children with special needs, or what have you, but if you need me to prove that I can read or that we are "true friends" by cutting and pasting crap into a new post we probably aren't tight.
  7. The temperature shown on your dashboard.
    You aren't original. It's been done. It's been overdone. Your adding "brrr" doesn't save it.
  8. Posts that keep popping up
    I know why you stagger your replies to comments on your posts. You want to increase your odds that your post pops up in people's feeds, thus increasing the opportunity for likes. It's transparent. And kind of pathetic. Really pathetic.