1. Joint compound?!
    "But the guys mixed that little bit up in a Tupperware container. It looked like lunch."
  2. Another roll of painter's tape?!
    "If they're just going to keep leaving it out like that... It's really a them problem and not a me problem. Y'know?"
  3. Deer poop with siracha?!
    "You're the one that put the hot sauce on the poop. Thanks for that by the way. It was good before but now... Mind-blowingly good."
  4. Glue dots?!
    "I thought that was more tape. What's a glue dot? And while you tell me can you please help me get all these sticky things off of me? Gah-- they are everywhere. Oh... Glue dots. I get it now."
  5. Caulk?! Paint stirrers?! The handle of these scissors?!
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    "Irv, we were never IN aisle seven!"