Honestly I hate the idea of waiting until the new year to change yourself for the better but I do it every year anyways
  1. Go to bed at a decent time every night.
    2am is not a proper time to start to consider going to bed, especially when you're supposed to be at work at 5am. Like damn, woman.
  2. Actually get out of bed when you first wake up.
    Laying in bed for 3 hours after the alarm goes off is not how you should spend your morning. Get up! Eat breakfast. Play with the puppers, for goodness sake!
  3. Brush your damn hair.
    Girl! That thick mess is hell to deal with. Do me a solid and just brush it before bed. Please!
  4. Exercise weekly.
    I know you hate going to the gym. Maybe walk the dogs more? Dance around the house in your underwear? Or perhaps lift 10lb weights or even leg crunches while watching youtube/hulu.
  5. Stop Spending Money!!!!
    Amazon is cool and all, but you don't need to buy something new every time you get paid. You have an addiction. Stop it. I want vacations not more useless beauty products.
  6. Practice your Spanish.
    I was soooo mad that I didn't know enough Spanish to speak to Abuela last June. When I go again this summer, I'd like to actually know more. Also I really want to know what the heck people are saying when they don't think I'm paying attention.