1. So many pairs of shorts.
    And with it, so many pairs of untouched, neglected, bleached white legs.
  2. Drinking outside
    I'm still not clear on when and where you're allowed to drink outside but, whether it's a Gordon's gin and tonic in a can on a long walk home after the tubes have long been closed or just standing well into the street outside the pub on a summer day, drinking outside feels so civilized compared to Vegas or New Orleans.
  3. Wimbledon
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    I love that it's just a thing you do and people have at the very least a cursory knowledge of the game. Even if you're not at the all England club, sitting outside and watching the game wherever there's space is something people do.
  4. Food game.
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    Stepped up. For real.
  5. People looking generally happy
    It's unnerving.
  6. Thinking that cycling outside is a good idea.
    Then suffering several near death experiences in the span of 15 minutes.