Will continue to add as situations continue to inevitably present themselves.
  1. Fail #1 - Bob Zmuda
    In the van, on the way from YVR to our hotel in Whistler, we waited for an old man with a white ponytail to join the rest of our party arriving from LA. The van driver was the chatty type so I put in my headphones and tuned the world out. We pulled up to the old man's hotel and helped him with his bags, among them an old hat box that had seen better days. As we pulled away, I realized I'd been sitting in a van with Tony Clifton for three hours and not asked him a single question.
  2. Fail #2 - Aimee Mann
    I saw Aimee Mann perform with Ted Leo earlier today at Project Pabst in Portland. Then I saw her in our hotel lobby. Then I saw her at a sidewalk table sitting with The Both band outside the restaurant next to the hotel. I very conspicuously walked by the table three times trying to figure out what to say. And said nothing. Then I had a martini. Of shame.
  3. Fail #3 - Scott Shriner
    Came off stage in Portland straight back to the dressing room. On the way, Scott Shriner from Weezer stopped to say he enjoyed the set and shake my hand. Right as I was running my hands through my sweat soaked hair. Wettest, grossest hand shake ever.
  4. Fail #4 - Kumail Nanjiani
    Not a fail as much as thought shame. As I passed by him in the airport in Vancouver, thought "hey you live in Silver Lake" would've been a good way to start conversation. I'm a moron.
  5. Fail #5 - Chris Baio
    After seeing his set at No Name this Wednesday, I planned to walk out without saying good bye as Baio was busy doing the things you do at a label showcase (shake hands, talk to your wife etc.). Proceeded to pat him on the back as I headed past him towards the exit. It wasn't until I was out the door that my friend @ihultquist, who I thought was behind me, had had the courtesy and basic human decency to stop and say "good show." So I walked back in so I could observe a basic human interaction.